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Artist Gallery

Dallas-based MYPOLARLIFE has abstract, figurative,contemporary, modern art work. 

I've chosen to refrain from titling my artwork because the untitled form encompasses the various emotions that occur within and throughout the work. What may start with a single meaning may end with another, so I call that series Framed Emotion, leaving the audience to have their own interpretation.


Through all of my work, I convey my inspiration. So in moments where I have given a painting a title, it is because I recognized a problem much larger than myself.


Mypolar Life

As an artist I work on controlled emotion. It can be a word from the outside source or a dream. Whatever it may be, it leads me down a journey. I try to bring thoughts to my viewers that may interest them. The journey that brings this to image is the inspiration that you may get from the willingness to be true to myself and at least dealing with my love for art. Most of my inspirations are from people I meet every day and daily experiences. The harmony I wish to convey is what I wish to come from my art.