Canvas Painting and Underground Artwork on a Convenient Online Gallery

If you have some free time, stop our online gallery at MYPOLARLIFE LLC. We have some amazing pieces of visual art designed by our flagship artist MYPOLARIFE, available for sale or just to admire. His collection features a variety of canvas paintings in a distinct, neo-surrealist abstract style that is unlike anything you’ll find in the market. It’s true underground artwork and it’s now available at an amazingly low price.

If you’ve been thinking about procuring an art piece to hang in your home, now is the time. The work of MYPOLARLIFE will be a great addition to your home, office, or any other location you want to hang it. His moody, ethereal style will likely leave you entrance and question your own assumptions about existence. It has a psychedelic quality that forces you to think about the bigger picture. Great visual art is not just pretty to look at, it forces the viewer to think and look at things from a different perspective.

The work of MYPOLARLIFE seems to take on a life of its own. He has a great talent for depicting form and emotion. His subjects disappear into a haze of color and texture and it’s difficult to tell where the foreground ends, and the background begins. If you stare at one of his canvas paintings long enough, it almost seems like the picture is moving or gyrating with the constant ebb and flow of the universe. It’s truly unique underground artwork that you won’t find in an upscale gallery or auction house.

It’s all available for sale or just to admire through our convenient art gallery. Just browse the selections available and let us know what catches your eye. You can purchase one of his works directly through the online shop or you can send us an email. We will ship the painting to you wherever you are as soon as possible.

Great artwork has the power to transform and inspire. Turn your living room from bland to extravagant by filling it with one of a kind pieces from an amazing artist. Every time you pass by one of his paintings, it will uplift your spirit and make you think. Great art has a way of triggering emotions and sparking ideas just from a glance. It works on a subconscious level to unearth certain feelings that were bubbling in your psyche just beneath the surface.

Get one of these one-of-a-kind pieces for your collection now while supplies last. MYPOLARLIFE has recently released an entire collection called Framed Emotion. It’s a series of untitled abstract pieces that all explore themes that are consistent throughout his entire catalog, including emotion, identity, consciousness, and others. The works are left untitled specifically to allow the viewer to create their narrative or conception of the painting’s meaning, rather than letting the artist dictate what it says. Abstract art is all about expression and energy. It isn’t necessarily up to the creator to tell the viewer what it means, the viewer should be free to experience whatever thoughts or emotions the work naturally evokes without being prodded. MYPOLARLIFE believes in letting the work speak for itself, so he’s offering his most recent works as an entire collection without titling individual pieces.

You could own one of these amazing, one of a kind works of art now for a very reasonable price. Check out the online art gallery to see what they look like and feel free to contact us with any questions. We love to hear from fans of the artist.