Original Paintings for Sale by a Local Artist Near You

It’s more important than ever to support the arts. Creativity, connectivity, and passion are the things that bring us together as a species and help us overcome the struggle. If you’re looking for a spectacular local artist to support, check out MYPOLARLIFE. Based in Dallas, TX, MYPOLARLIFE is a talented abstract artist who is offering his works for sale to the public. He makes unique art that is hard to fit neatly into any category. He combines aspects of modernism with aspects of surrealism and creates ethereal works of art that are sure to impress and enthrall.

If you’ve been looking for original paintings for sale, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t find work like this anywhere else in the world. MYPLOARLIFE has a style that is his own and uses colors and forms in innovative ways. Truly unique art is hard to find. Many artists exist within a certain tradition or style that sometimes limits creativity. MYPOLARLIFE is a self-taught artist who doesn’t conform to any particular mandates of taste. He is an iconoclast who seeks to break the mold. If you’re looking for a painting for sale by a truly imaginative artist, look no further than MYPOLARLIFE.

Whether you’re looking to decorate your home or add to your art collection, we have something for you. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on overhyped work when you could support an amazing local artist in your community at a reasonable price. Why break the bank on something average when there are amazing original paintings for sale online?

The works of MYPOLARLIFE are far from average. He has a real artistic vision that is hard to find anywhere. He paints in acrylics and creates visual hallucinations that touch on big picture concepts. Many of his paintings are untitled – which allows the viewer to extrapolate their meaning from the images and color scheme represented. His latest collection is titled Framed Emotion and a recurring theme in his work is to portray emotion as a deconstructed mass of energy and color. He seeks to make the viewer feel something strong when they look at one of his paintings – whether that be anger or passion or sadness or love is up to the individual looking at it. If you’re in search of original paintings for sale by a talented artist, you would be wise to take a look at the work of MYPOLARLIFE.

Art takes bravery. It requires both the artist and the viewer to dive into the unknown in search of new ideas and perspectives. It’s not always a comfortable journey, but it’s often rewarding. When you find a painting you truly love, it’s an amazing feeling. When a work of art speaks to you, it’s important to pay attention. That work is telling you something deeper about yourself, something that exists in your subconscious. That’s exactly what MYPOLARLIFE seeks to do with each of his paintings. He wants to give his viewers a deeper look at their subconscious, peel back the layers of the self, and reveal something deeper about their minds and identity. You won’t find paintings for sale like that by any other artist currently working.

At MYPOLARLIFE LLC we want to offer the public one of a kind painting for sale by a truly gifted artist. We are working round the clock to get shipments out to customers and ensure that all the business is properly taken care of so you can enjoy these priceless works of art. Whether you’re looking for a piece to hang in your dining room or you need some inspiration to hang in your own art studio, we have what you’re looking for.

If you live in the Dallas, TX area and want to support a local artist, check out MYPOLARLIFE. Even if you don’t live in the area, but are in search of amazing paintings for sale, you’re more than welcome to purchase a painting online. We’re excited to grow a community of art lovers all over the country who want to support unique art. Send us an email today if you have any questions or you’re interested in making a purchase.