Stunning Modern Artwork for Sale for a Limited Time

Finding quality contemporary artwork at an affordable price can be tough to find. The artworld is so oversaturated with works that are overpriced because of hype alone, many modern artists tend to price their work too highly.

At MYPOLARLIFE LLC we believe that great art should be available to everyday consumers. Modern artwork is something that should only be the luxury of the wealthy. It should be available to anyone who wants to add color and character to their homes. Great contemporary artwork has the power to inspire, educate, and uplift. We want to share that gift to the world with a new series of paintings by MYPOLARLIFE.

If you’re looking for amazing modern artwork for sale, you’ve come to the right place. The artist’s work is a mixture of impressionism, surrealism, and abstract art that is simultaneously familiar and other-worldly. His bold use of color and interesting manipulations of form are sure to inspire feels of joy and awe. It will transport you into a dream world where warm and cold colors weave together in a kind of chaotic symphony. His work touches on themes of consciousness, identity, politics, religion, and the trials and tribulations of humankind in ways that are subtle and hard to pin down. You won’t find contemporary artwork like this for sale in any gallery or auction. These are the kinds of works you can only get directly from the artist. At MYPOLARLIFE LLC, we’re happy to make that connection possible and offer you amazing modern artwork for sale directly from the artist himself.

Art is necessary for human survival. It allows us to reflect on our own emotion’s thoughts and nightmares so that we may understand ourselves on a deeper, more meaningful level. There is nothing like staring at a painting that speaks to you, trying desperately to understand why it moves you so much. It’s almost like communicating with another realm, the place from which we all came. Great modern artwork can transport you to other worlds and the work of MYPOLARLIFE will do just that.

Modern artwork doesn’t have to be confusing or esoteric. It’s simply a different way to express an idea than depicting it with photo-like clarity. It’s meant to get at the root of the emotion it evokes rather than representing a particular subject. Instead of depicting a face, modern artwork seeks to convey the emotions of seeing that face – whether it be happiness, pain, sadness, anger, or all of these emotions all at once. It’s a more visceral experience that can often be uncomfortable for the viewer. But great art is ultimately about embracing the uncomfortable and discovering new ideas and emotions you didn’t know existed. It’s about deconstructing the subconscious and stripping back the finite layers of reality to reveal what we truly are beneath the surface.

The paintings of MYPOLARLIFE are in that tradition exactly. His work seeks to peel back the layers of reality to reveal something more primeval and closer to our true essence as human beings. His work is both exciting and a bit unnerving (but in a good way). Familiar figures devolve into swirls of color and chaos and you could spend hours following the intricate brush strokes and detail.

These stunning contemporary paintings are now for sale on Nowhere else will you get this kind of talent for such an affordable price. Painting is a labor of love and the artists feel strongly about making his works available to the public at fair prices. Art is a commodity at the end of the day. Like any commodity, the most expensive item is not necessarily the most valuable. It’s the item that offers the highest quality at the most reasonable price. So, if you’re looking for reasonably priced contemporary paintings for sale, you are in the right place.

Decorate your home or give a painting to a friend or loved one. Art is the gift that keeps on giving and it’s never a bad investment if it’s priced fairly. MYPOLARLIFE is a talent who is way ahead of his time and you’d be smart to invest now while he is still underground. Otherwise, you’ll regret it later. Pieces can be purchased through the online shop or you can email us with any questions or concerns. We’d love to hear from you.